Help Support The Colvin Family

Leanne Colvin Diaz was raised in Glendale with her brother James Colvin, a Glendale Police Officer currently assigned to the Department’s MHET (Mental Health Evaluation Team) team. Leanne graduated from Crescenta Valley High School and after attending Glendale City College moved to Las Vegas – where she currently resides. She’s married to the love of her life, Mark Diaz, and has a daughter – Kaitlynn. Leanne learned in April of this year that she has cervical cancer, and has recently begun chemotherapy, with a hysterectomy scheduled after her next round of treatment. Due to health insurance issues, and working as a security guard with no paid leave benefits, Leanne is in need of help. The majority of her treatments have been out-of-pocket expenses, and the battle with her health insurance company to get the treatment she needs has been difficult. All the while, Leanne has been working full time to make ends meet for her family. Loved ones have already helped pay for her PET scan, but with the impending hysterectomy and her need to recover, more help is needed.

Chief Castro has approved another round of ‘beards for a cause’ amongst the troops during the month of July. For those of you don’t know, the GPOA and GPD Management team have previously partnered to raise money for causes by allowing GPD personnel who have contributed to these causes to grow facial hair. Seeing police personnel with beards and goatees has raised awareness with the public for these campaigns, and is an outward show of support to those in need. If you would like to join us in raising money to help Leanne through this rough time, please click on the link and donate. We thank you in advance.