Supported Charities

Each year we strive to donate not only monetarily, but our time and volunteer hours throughout the community to benefit numerous charities, groups and national organizations.

Please feel free to join our mission by volunteering or make a donation to our association so WE CAN CONTINUE our community outreach. Be sure and sign up for our e-newsletter to receive information about our events, updates and latest news.


  • Bob Bartl Memorial Scholarship
  • Charles Lazzaretto Memorial Scholarship
  • Andrew Garton Memorial Fund
  • Daniel Ackerman Memorial Fund
  • Ryan Stringer Memorial Fund
  • Kevin Sandoval Memorial Fund
  • James Capoot Memorial Fund
  • LAPD Family Support Group
  • Long Beach POA Widows & Orphan Fund
  • Santa Ana POA Widows & Orphan Fund
  • CNOA Survivors Memorial Fund
  • Jordan Corder Memorial Fund
  • Blue Ribbon Trust Christopher Cortijo
  • Pomona POA Officer Linn Jr.
  • Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation
  • Baton Rouge Area Foundation
  • San Diego POA Officer Jonathan De Guzman